She's mad on dancing came to life in the year 2000 as the consequence of some years of jam sessions of musicians coming from different bands who found the possibility to experiment outside musical schemata in a common side project. Then the project developed and turned into a band based on drummer Michele and guitarist Marco. In 2003 bass player Seba joined She's mad on dancing. From 2003 to 2004 ideas from the previous years were recollected and recorded into the bandís first demo. In the following years She's mad on dancingís production was wide and many records were self-produced and released. Some based in improvisations, experimentations, live shows, and some studio recordings. In 2007 Seba left the band and She's mad on dancing stopped its activity for a while. In 2008 Marco and Michele had a new start reforming the band with bass player Tiziano. In 2010 She's mad on dancing joined the label Hot Steel Records. The full length album Normale was released on January 10th, 2011. She's mad on dancing is a classic rock trio guitar-voice, bass, drums, but the sound is powerful and the atmospheres recreated are deep and uncommon. We acknowledge influences from the following bands: Neurosis, Melvins, Shellac, Unsane, Meshuggah, Breach, Don Caballero, Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan...

Marco - guitar vocals
Michele - drums
Tiziano - bass
Matteo - guitar